Welcome to Kelulutman, where we've combined the best of both worlds: the incredible benefits of our organic, sustainably-sourced stingless bee products and the dynamic, adventurous realms of superhero digital art.

Why We're Unique:

Art Meets Agriculture: We don't just make honey; we craft stories. Each of our premium bee-based products comes with a touch of superhero magic—in the form of comics, NFTs, short movies, games, animation and exciting social media content.

Immersive Experience: Unveil the lore of our unique stingless bee superhero universe as you indulge in the richness of our products. Our multimedia content adds layers of engagement and enjoyment to every jar you open.

Digital Collectibles: For the crypto enthusiast in you, we offer limited edition NFTs that not only serve as a collector's item but also provide you with special discounts and behind-the-scenes access to our organic farms.

What to Expect:

Savor the Goodness: Enjoy our range of organic honey, propolis, and beeswax products that elevate your well-being.

Dive Into the Story: Get lost in our rich narratives through comics, short movies, animation, games and social media snippets that bring our bee superheroes to life.

Collect and Trade: Elevate your experience with our NFTs—artistic, tradable tokens that represent a unique piece of our superhero universe.

Interactive Community: Engage with a community of fans who share your passions for health, art, and sustainability.

At Kelulutman, every product is a gateway to a fantastical world that enriches your body and fuels your imagination. Come for the health benefits, stay for the adventure.

Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together!